Chrome OS 88 rolling out Smart Display

Chrome OS 88 rolling out Smart Display

The display is similar to screen saver with Google Photos, weather.

In the continuation of the desktop update from last week, Chrome OS 88 has started rolling out. In this release, a handful of usability improvements will be coming, and these will be available throughout the coming days.

You can change your Chromebook’s lock screen into a personalized smart display with the Chrome OS Screen saver. The significant feature of Chrome OS 88 turns your idle device into an elementary Smart Display. With the ability to choose specific albums, this “Screen saver” can cycle through your Google Photos library. There will be an option to select “Earth and Space” or “Featured photos” galleries.

To see time on the screen, you’ll require to look on the bottom-left, whereas the weather, including ‘temperature and today’s weather condition,’ appears right close to it. Meanwhile, the bottom edge of the screen notes Wi-Fi status, how many unread notifications you have, as well as battery level. Additionally, the “Sign out” button will be there. In the top-right corner, Google will take note of any playing music.

WebAuthn gives permission to use your fingerprint or Chromebook PIN to be used in place of passwords on some supported websites. Whereas the on-device unlock method won’t ever be shared with the web service, you can also go with 2-Step Verification if you want to replace phones and security keys.

Under Chrome OS Settings > Personalization > Screen saver, the live on a Pixelbook with version 88 option can be seen. This setting will activate “when your screen is idle,” where google is considering an approach to enhance your space with a personalized lock screen.

Some other changes in Chrome OS 88 will include the below-mentioned features –

  • A new Camera folder will save photos and videos from the Camera app. The folder is in My Files, whereas Past shots will stay in Downloads.
  • With the Files app, you’ll be able to see Docs, Sheets, and Slides Offline rather than visiting the online drive portal.
  • If you want to move between Virtual Desks, then double-tap or triple tap on the “+” shortcut.
  • Autocorrect UI with better visual feedback has been improved whenever a correction will be made.
  • Control or pan the Chrome OS magnifier with Ctrl + Alt and the arrow keys.

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